Dear all, It is with a certain emotion that after more than 11 years, 96360 hours of broadcasting through more than 130 countries that I announce the end of our two 24/24 broadcasting channels (CLUB & HARD) this 01/01/2021. With the arrival of music streaming and music on demand, the time has come for Decibel […]

We presents XMAS RETRO #2015 edition! Residents and guests will offer your gift … exclusive retro DJ Mix! ## LINE-UP ## NOBA, ETIENNE, LIVING ENTITY, NORMAN KASH, LOLYPOP, DJAYY SETH, NARKO, GLOOM, SLY B KINE, KAOTEK SYSTEM _______________________________________________ ## CLUB ## #TIMETABLE# 14H/15H: LOLYPOP 15H/16H: SNAKE 16H/17H: ETIENNE 17H/18H: LOLYPOP 18H/20H: SLY B KINE 20H/21H: […]

Dear Followers, we’re proud to announce tha all the Dj sest diffused last week for our birthday will be available on our Soundcloud Profile! Check this!!!

Hi friends! Tomorrow is THE day! 3 days of incredible line up especially for you! Don’t miss this event! DAY ONE! DAY TWO! DAY THREE!

Four our 5th Birthday, we’re proud to give you an exclusive and explosive guest list! For 3days, Decibel-Station will rock you ! Don’t miss this exclusive events on our Club channel !

Tonight, from 8pm to 10pm (French Time), We’re proud to Welcome DJ JULES for the second edition of our new concept “PLAY W/ ME”! Jules discovers electronic music in the late 90s when the “French Touch” still raged on the hexagon. His early musical influences are known as Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier, Cassius, St Germain, […]

PLAY W/ ME – EPISODE #001 | 1ST FEB 2014 – 8/10PM This is YOUR bimonthly radioshow on Decibel Station! The concept? A resident invites an exclusive DJ for a exclusive show. For the first episode, TonEjay is proud to welcome Vijay & Sofia Zlatko (Columbia Rec / Sleazy G).

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