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Written by on 11 May 2013

Torsten Kanzler will be present at the event “BACKGROUND”, on May 25th broadcast live on Decibel Station. Today he presents his new album released a few days ago only.

Torsten Kanzler – this name stands for purist techno at its best for many years now. Whether hard, fast, experimentally, dadaist or functionally driving, the Kanzler sound can be recognized by hearing once. In addition to an incredibly heavy tour schedule, which hunts Torsten through clubs and festivals all over the world, he released his album “Bumm Bass Tick” in 2011. Now here comes the second strike with the promising title “N8rider” on Abstract Records.

“I think that the new album sounds tidier than the “Bumm Bass Tick” album and I think that I could generate even more pressure in the tracks because of this.” says Torsten. He further adds: “For this album, I have taken much more time and I was working on it for almost eight months. I think you can hear the long production time also within several characteristics of each track. There are full and stomping tracks, slightly faster, oblique and somewhat slower tracks as well.” Thus, it is an album for the night, a record for the club, to dance to, to celebrate to, to have fun to!

The Berlin-based DJ and producer Torsten Kanzler acts even more versatile, creative and inspired in the new chapter of his musical work, than ever before. “I’ve sampled many effects and sounds for this album in my surroundings, so for instance in the track “Tresen” I sampled a fire alarm, that kicked me out of my hotel bed at 6 in morning – luckily it was just a false alarm…” Furthermore, Torsten explains: “Then I digest my New Year’s Eve marathon in “Herr Lehmann”. Not only that I have recorded rockets there, I also ignited them. Then there is an annoying studio neighbor or even a rumbling train. So I tried to bring all influences and experiences of the last couple of years into this album. That’s why the tracks also got club names. I chose the names at the end depending on what emotions I felt while producing the track, and on the other hand at the gig in the respective club.”

Definitely something completely different and unique for sure. This in conjunction with Torsten’s driving and experimental sound will probably transform “N8rider” into THE musical highlight of the year. Torsten certainly understands this album as a true milestone in his career. “I would say, that I have just found my true sound now.”

TOUR infos
Torsten Kanzler “N8rider”-Tour // May – June 2013
– 3×1 CD album tombola on each tour date possible
– tour start on May 11th in Tresor Berlin
– radio interviews (Sunshine Live, Top40 Thuringia)
– interview in FAZEmag, Partysan (Baden Württemberg & Berlin), Freshguide (Eastern
– advertisement in Partysan (Baden Württemberg), Freshguide (Eastern Germany)

Tour dates so far:
11. N8rider Album Tour Start, Tresor Berlin, Germany
18. N8rider Tour, Saarbrücken, Germany
19. N8rider Tour, Altes Stinnes Areal, Freiburg, Germany
24. N8rider Tour, Multicenter, Mühldorf, Austria
25. N8rider Tour, A&P Berlin Summer Rave, Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany
29. N8rider Tour, E-Feld, Köln, Germany
01. N8rider Tour & Abstract Night, Theaterfabrik, München, Germany
15. N8rider Tour & Abstract Night, Club27, Tübingen, Germany
29. N8rider Tour, Ruhr in Love, Oberhausen, Germany


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