Since its creation in 2009, Decibel Station has managed to establish itself among the existing radio with broadcast quality programming.

In 2011, the Decibel Station website reaches over 60 000 visitors a month from more than 80 countries and numbers are increasing every day.

Decibel Station brings many electronic music lovers around the world through a magazine and a community that grows daily. In the magazine, many topics are discussed and listeners have the opportunity to comment and share their opinions. Thus, without leaving Decibel Station, listeners are informed of the latest news from the world of electronic music, the latest information regarding a festival or even date a big event... 

Although French, we managed to export us in more than 80 countries across all continents. This force we owe it to our resident DJ offering exceptional quality shows. Our listeners are mostly students or artists seeking an alternative to FM radio. With the advent of social networks, we can count on these young viewers to share and comment on our stories and our programming. That is disinterest traditional means of communication that young people seek and find other ways to inform and arrive on websites such as Decibel Station.

We offer two ways to promote your products.

On the Decibel Station website thanks to the display of banners :

  • 200x200px (home page & others)
  • banners on web players
  • and more...

We can display your banners on the pages of your choice, why do not hesitate to contact us. It is also possible to make a personalized report to present your product in our online magazine.

On streams (Club / Hard) :

Already have an audio file with your advertising (More than 10 daily broadcasts)

  • 1 week : 30€
  • 1 month : 45€
  • 3 month : 90€
  • 6 month : 170€
  • 1 year : 300€

You do not have an audio file with your advertising (More than 10 daily broadcasts)

Creating your first ad will cost you € 90, the following will cost you only 75 €.

For contracts radio broadcast your visuals on our website is free.

If you've got other ideas to advertise on Decibel Station, please contact us.

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